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About Mavenshake

Mavenshake is truly a life-transforming nutritional supplement developed by Mavenaction’s own Taylor Lee, PT, DPT.  Taylor, who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a highly successful Lifestyle Coach, embarked on a fun project to research and try different ingredients to find the “perfect” shake recipe for himself. This all began in an attempt to significantly improve his diet, immune system, and fitness level. What he realized was that there were countless recipes out there for people seeking to incorporate shakes into their diet. However, most of the “healthy” shake recipes were in fact quite deficient in truly nutritionally rich ingredients. Furthermore, they appeared to be loaded with sugars, fats, artificial ingredients, and fillers.

Most of the available shake recipes were chalky tasting high protein shakes, high sugar fruit-based shakes, or very green veggie shakes designed for the diehards. It was evident to Taylor there appeared to be a lack of truly nutritional recipes which had a great balance of flavor, health, and performance with uncompromising quality.He performed 3 years of self research to finally formulate the Mavenshake which is available to you today. It is the ultimate nutritional supplement which meets Taylor’s high standards for quality, health-benefit, potency, taste and performance support.  Many of Mavenshake faithful have informally named it the “miracle shake”.  Yes, many have called it a “miracle shake” and give it much credit for the significant improvements in their overall health! Some have said its properties are “life and health transforming”.

The Elite Mavenaction Coaches like to simply refer to it as The Shake and it’s consistently a part of their daily nutrition.The Mavenshake compliments your busy morning routine perfectly and provides a great balance between health and flavor. It may arguably be the most comprehensive nutritional supplement available to the health-seeking community!