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Mavenshake makes you healthy from the inside out!

Fiber, probiotics and digestive enzymes help maintain a healthy intestinal tract and optimize its function. Many satisfied customers give Mavenshake the credit for the improvement in their digestion and regularity.

Chemical reactions occur in our bodies continuously, some generating free radicals, which can impair cellular function, destroy healthy cells and contribute to cancer development over time. Powerful, nutrient filled antioxidants HAVE to be part of a daily diet to support our bodies’ natural defenses fight against oxidation, free radicals and oxidative stress and promote general good health.

The Mavenshake helps boost your immune system too.


With its high quality ingredients extracted from very potent vegetables and fruits loaded with anti-oxidants, the Mavenshake helps kick your physiologic systems into high gear.  14 out of 15 ingredients are SUPERFOODS!!! The properties in Mavenshake may mean the difference between sickness and health! Just ask our loyal Mavenshake users…

What nutritious meal is only 120 calories ?! Mavenshake provides balanced nutrients to maximize nutrition with minimal caloric intake for safe weight management.

Loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals, Mavenshake provides all the nourishment your body would need from a meal and much more. It also helps support a clean-eating diet and curb cravings for junk food. Get your body used to tasting health and rejecting the junk!

Here’s a question for YOU – What would you do with extra energy? Antioxidants, omega-3 and essential amino acids will boost your circulation, strength, stamina, energy and overall well-being!

Ditch your dependence on coffee or energy drinks and still get through your day!!

Whether you’re a competitive athlete looking to maximize performance or someone who simply wants to supplement for daily optimal function, you can look to the Mavenshake to match your nutritional supplements needs. It was designed with performance in mind.

The Mavenshake is 100% natural and serves as an ideal nutritional supplement. Customers make the it an integral part of their healthy lifestyle and so many credit their health transformation to their use of the Mavenshake.

It literally takes minutes to make and drink the Mavenshake. If you’ve been looking for a highly nutritious super shake for your daily routine…the Mavenshake is up for the challenge. It is perfect for your busy schedule!


The Mavenshake is arguably the most comprehensive nutritional supplement on the market. It is an ideal balance between function, performance, and flavor. The Mavenshake is loaded with organic vitamins/minerals, proteins, fiber, anti-oxidants, omega 3 & 6, probiotics, is lactose/gluten/soy free and much more! Check out our Ingredients page to learn more.